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At Lakeview Hospital

A little time makes a big difference in our community. Our volunteers are compassionate people who make a difference in the lives of patients and their families during traumatic life experiences. To us, volunteers are a vital and appreciated force, willing to donate time and skills in support of their community. Volunteers may serve in a variety of opportunities, several hours a week, at a convenient time in many areas, including these:Volunteer

  • Hospitality 
  • Information and reception desk 
  • Surgery reception
  • Emergency Room volunteer (ages 21 and older)
  • Nursing Unit support
  • Messenger cart
  • General clerical 
  • Gift Shop clerk

If you can donate a few hours each week, you can expect…

  • To work in a stimulating environment
  • To make new friends
  • To develop new skills
  • To enjoy interesting challenges
  • To experience a sense of accomplishment
  • To participate in hospital activities and events
  • To gain work experience in a medical setting
  • To receive warm appreciation

Become A Volunteer Today

How do I become a volunteer? We accept healthy, qualified applicants ages 16 and older. Apply online to become a Lakeview Hospital volunteer. Or call 801.299.2595.

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