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Lakeview Hospital

Addiction Treatment

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in our possibilities. When we’ve given up control of our lives to substance abuse and alcohol dependency, it’s difficult to imagine our lives any different. Yet, sometimes the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.

Take that step today – call Lakeview Hospital’s New Vision™ at (801) 299-3777 for help in breaking your addiction. An experienced health professional will answer your questions confidentially.

What is New Vision™?

New Vision™ provides medical stabilization for appropriate adult patients who are experiencing problems and incapacitation due to substance use/abuse or who have acute withdrawal symptoms from cessation of use of certain substances. We offer:

  • Free, confidential assessments
  • Inpatient admissions
  • Medicaid, Medicare, insurance, and managed plans
  • 24-hour emergency admissions
  • Discharge planning and referrals

How does New Vision™ work?

The New Vision™ program is voluntarily. Once admitted, your medical team will assess your needs. This assessment includes a medical history, a physical examination, a lab workup, and a nursing evaluation. Treatment includes a three-five day, medically supervised hospital stay. During your stay, you will receive support and treatment to get you through the medical stabilization process.

The medical staff at New Vision™ includes physicians, nurses, and behavioral health professionals trained in medical stabilization. Your medical team is on your side and works with you every step of the way from admission to discharge planning.

Before you leave the hospital, your medical team will work with you to create a personalized discharge plan. The plan will include referrals to appropriate hospital or community based inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs. These programs provide counseling and support to ensure you get the practical help you need to prevent relapse.

New Vision™ services are covered by Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance and managed plans.

We believe it’s important for those suffering the most from addiction to have treatment options close to their home and family. New Vision™ is an important component of Lakeview Hospital's family of services and is an example of our Commitment to Caring for those most vulnerable in our society.

Who is medical stabilization for?

Medical stabilization is for people with ongoing alcohol or drug dependency. If you agree with any of the statements below, you could be a candidate:

  • I have a history of withdrawal symptoms.
  • My home is not conducive to outpatient medical stabilization.
  • I am a patient with a serious medical condition.
  • I have an extremely high tolerance for mood-altering chemicals.
  • I am a threat to myself or others while under the influence.