Lakeview Hospital
October 18, 2016


Leaders from various departments at Lakeview Hospital will participate in an Active Shooter Drill. Its purpose is to continue ongoing efforts to train and prepare staff on how to respond if an armed person or persons entered the hospital with intent to do harm.

Drill Scenario

A fictional call to 911 will alert police to a potential shooting with the possibility of multiple victims. Members of the local police and fire departments will coordinate response efforts. Victims will be evacuated to waiting ambulances and then transported to the "hospital." A large tent will serve as Lakeview Hospital during this drill, providing separate triage and emergency treatment areas.

Officers from the Bountiful City Police Department will manage the exercise. The Bountiful Metropolitan SWAT team and first responders from the South Davis Metro Fire Department will also contribute their expertise. The Drill will involve approximately 125 participants.

To provide optimal training for all participants and test the effectiveness of the hospital's response procedures, the drill will be as realistic as possible. Police officers, first responders, "victims" (played by hospital employees) and hospital staff members will participate in various roles.


Wednesday, October, 26, 2016

5:00pm / Drill concludes at approximately 8:00pm.


Medical Office Building to the west of Lakeview Hospital
520 East Medical Drive, Bountiful


  • Simulated victims featuring fake blood and moulage makeup (throughout the drill)
  • Victims as they are transferred to waiting ambulances (MOB parking lot)
  • Ambulance arrival, triage and treatment at tent "hospital" (most eastern hospital parking lot)
  • Police department mobile command center (south parking lot behind same day surgery)
  • SWAT vehicles (various locations on the hospital campus)
  • Potential for live feed transmissions (if interested, ask for locations during the drill)