photo of Keith Newport and staff

Dear Lakeview Hospital,

Having always been an active individual, I never imagined myself having to deal with a heart attack at my age. Having said that, I could also never have imagined how exceptional being treated for a heart attack could be until I met your amazing emergency medical team at Lakeview Hospital.

In addition to a phenomenal staff that kept me calm and well-informed throughout the process, it’s thanks to your life-saving 12-lead EKG technology that I not only survived the attack, but came away with zero damage to my heart muscle.

I know that the response time, the quality of care, and Lakeview’s commitment to leading-edge procedures has left me even better than I was before. This experience has helped me in everything I do and even though I’m 50, I’m feeling like a 35 year-old again thanks to you!


Keith Newport