Luella Bedell

Dear Lakeview Hospital,

When my husband and I moved to Utah after our retirement to be closer to family, we didn’t know the area very well so it was quite a job finding physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals. As a nurse for nearly 23 years, I was pleased to learn that we had such a lovely hospital in our neighborhood. Little did I know, I would rely on the caregivers at Lakeview Hospital very soon thereafter.

After having some discomfort and feeling like I caught a nasty “bug,” my son and I went into the Emergency Room at Lakeview Hospital. I was admitted right away. Once on the third floor, the Medical/Surgical floor, the nurses were in and out of my room doing vital signs and encouraging me—never a cross word was spoken. I was treated wonderfully and not one person was discouraging or gruff. Every aspect of my care, right down to housekeeping, was wonderful. Every motion made by every staff member was to ensure that I was comfortable, safe, and cared for.

If I need healthcare in the future, I will definitely go to Lakeview Hospital. I was treated like I was the most important person in the world.

Thank you,

Luella Bedell