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When our patients leave Lakeview Hospital, it is our hope that we’ve given them the best experience possible. We also want to ensure they have plenty of great reasons to feel comfortable recommending the care at our facility to their friends and family in the community.

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Kathryn’s Story

First-time mom Kathryn Bruns describes the wonderful care received at Lakeview Hospital when she delivered her precious daughter, Lucy. She thanks the Labor and Delivery staff for being a support system for her when she needed it most. Although little Lucy is only a few weeks old, Kathryn is already saying she wants more children…and will deliver at Lakeview Hospital!

Robert’s Story

Robert Milne worked as a lineman for 35 years. After a very active life, his knee pain became virtually intolerable. When he finally decided to have his knee replaced, he chose Lakeview Hospital. A short 6 weeks after surgery he was enjoying life as a Grandpa at Disneyland! Robert is appreciative of the caregivers at Lakeview Hospital and his surgeon, Dr. Josh Hickman.

Clark’s Story

After a serious fall from a ladder, Clark Long suffered a number of injuries including damage to his back and neck. After other interventions, Clark sought treatment from the Pain Center at Lakeview Hospital. Due to treatment by Dr. Vikas Garg and the professionals at Lakeview’s Pain Center, Clark is back to leading a full and active life without back pain. Better treatment options, better living!

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