Lakeview Hospital - November 29, 2016

Which exercise is best for blood sugar, brisk walking or jogging? The answer might surprise you.

In a recent study, brisk walking for 30 minutes five times a week appeared to be more effective than jogging when it came to lowering diabetes risk. If you show signs of high blood sugar, start moving!

Pick a Winner

Okay, so brisk walking definitely has it merits. But so does running - and swimming, and hiking, and biking. The kind of exercise that is best for you is something that you will do consistently - whatever it may be. Just make sure you cover all the bases; you need a mix of strength, stamina, and flexibility training in your routine.

Walk It Off

As for brisk walking vs. running: Both are effective if you notice signs of high blood sugar, and both improve insulin sensitivity, which helps your body use glucose efficiently. But in a study, walking improved pancreatic function more than running did for a group of middle-aged, overweight, sedentary folks with high cholesterol. Why? Researchers suspect moderate-intensity exercise ramps up fat burning more than vigorous-intensity exercise - and that could explain the results.

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