To speak to a mental health specialist, call (801) 296-3421.

Mental health assessments are available in our Emergency Department 24/7

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) serves as a preventive measure to costly in-patient admission or as a transition step from in-patient care to a less restrictive setting. Our groups bring together clients struggling with the challenges of addiction and mood disorder, in a safe and supportive setting, to discuss experiences, learn problem-solving skills, challenge dysfunctional behavior, develop strategies which encourage positive growth and enhance general well-being.

The Adult Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program can help patients to:


  • How certain people, places or events trigger unpleasant feelings, cravings or the desire to engage in poor choices.
  • Why certain decisions are made without thinking first.
  • What factors lead to poor decision making and the values driving unhealthy behavior.


  • Approaches to simplify life.
  • Motivation to improve life planning.
  • Techniques to improve mood.


  • Strategies to replace unhealthy choices with sustainable life skills.
  • Planning to navigate challenges and obstacles in life.
  • Connections with others in a comfortable setting.

Therapy Services

The group structure is a combination of psycho-education, process oriented and experiential. The psycho-educational portion of group involves Cognitive-Behavior therapy, Dialectical Behavioral techniques, Chemical Dependency Step Work, as well as strong emphasis using social media and movie clips to illustrate ideas. The process oriented portion of group allows clients to tell their story, connect ideas from one another and participate in a positive support setting. The experiential portion of group engages clients in therapeutic recreation, hobby development, community service, music therapy, relaxation and other multi-modal learning experiences.

For emergency situations or in cases with threat of harmful behavior, call 911.