To schedule a tour, please call (855) 849-3365.

Specialized Care for Special Deliveries

At Lakeview Hospital, we want you to feel like royalty. We'll provide you extra time, extra comfort and expert care to make your delivery and recovery as wonderful as possible. Understanding that you want options and choices, we're committed to supporting your decisions and providing personalized care for you and your baby during childbirth.

During Pregnancy

  • Childbirth education classes that will answer all your questions.
    • Both first-time and "experienced" expectant parents are welcome.
    • 6-week and "Super Saturday" classes available.
  • Become familiar with our staff and birthing suites by taking a tour of our unit. Call (855) 849-3365 to schedule a tour or take our online tour.

During Labor and Delivery

  • Every spacious, all-private birthing suite is designed to ensure your comfort.
  • Internet access, TV/DVD and stereo system in every suite.
  • Pain management options
  • 24-hour epidural coverage
  • Assisted walking during labor
  • Birthing balls
  • Movement to find comfort positions during labor
  • Snow-cone service for laboring mothers
  • Designated operating rooms for C-section births or post-partum tubal ligations

After Your Baby's Arrival

You can relax knowing your baby is receiving amazing care from our expert nursery staff.

  • You and your baby will rest and recovery together. Dads or another support person are welcome to "room in" with you during this special time.
  • Special "Stork Dinner" for two.
  • Hearing tests for newborns.
  • Circumcision education and services for newborn boys.
  • We welcome your family and guests to ooh-and-ahh over your new addition!
  • Support from our Lactation Consultant if you choose to breast feed.
  • Our infant security system will protect your baby throughout your hospital stay.
  • Our secure website provides an easy way for out-of-town friends and family to catch a glimpse of your adorable new baby with our online baby photos.