Geriatric Behavioral Health Center: Senior Pathways

Seniors often look forward to new found freedom, allowing them time to spend with grandchildren and friends, as well as visiting new places. For some, these days of contentment can be disrupted by physical and emotional problems. With the help of medical specialists and other professionals, many of these challenges can be successfully treated.

The Geriatric Behavioral Health Center at Lakeview Hospital is a short term, comprehensive inpatient psychiatric program. It is designed exclusively to meet the psychological and physical healthcare needs of older adults. Patient care emphasizes health and wellness while ensuring comfort and safety. The patient care team includes physicians/psychiatrists, gerontologists, nurses, psychologists, therapists, and behavioral health technicians.

Services provided:

  • Medication management
  • Diagnostic and psychological testing
  • Substance abuse/chemical dependency treatment
  • Therapies include:
    • speech
    • occupational
    • physical
    • music
    • recreational
  • Discharge planning /aftercare services
  • Family education

We welcome inquiries from family, friends and professionals who seek solutions to geriatric behavioral health issues.