What is Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Hip Replacement?

Your joints are involved in almost every activity you do. Movement’s such as walking, bending and turning require the use of your hip and knee joints. When your hip becomes diseases or injured, the resulting pain can severely limit your ability to move and work.

This robotic-arm assisted total hip replacement procedure is designed for those suffering with inflammatory or non-inflammatory degenerative hip joint disease, like osteoarthritis. Using real-time information and images of your hip, your surgeon controls accurate implant placement, which can be difficult to achieve with traditional total hip replacement techniques without a robotic arm.

Total Hip Replacement Benefits May Include:

  • Total hip replacement is designed to achieve a new level of precision using the latest techniques in total hip replacement and is designed to restore mobility and an active lifestyle
  • Accurate placement of your hip implant using the surgeon-controlled robotic-arm system, which can reduce the likelihood of hip dislocation
  • More consistency in leg length, potentially decreasing the need for a shoe lift
  • Decreased risk of implant and bone abnormally rubbing together—this may improve the lifetime of the implant

Next Steps

1. Have a Plan Personalized for You

If your surgeon determines that you are a good candidate for a total hip replacement, he or she will schedule a CT-scan of the hip one to two weeks prior to the surgery date to create a unique 3-D model for optimal implant placement.

2. In the Operating Room

During surgery, the robotic arm, with the assistance of the 3-D model, guides your surgeon in preparing your hip for the implants based on your personalized pre-operative plan. Additionally, real-time information and images help control accurate placement, reducing the likelihood of a hip dislocation.

3. After Surgery

After surgery, your surgeon, nurses and physical therapists will set goals with you to get you back on the move. They will closely monitor your condition and progress. Your surgeon may review an x-ray of your new hip replacement with you.

Our Certified Surgical Team

As a hip replacement, the robotic-arm assisted surgery is typically covered by Medicare insurers — check with your private health insurers.

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