Dear Lakeview Hospital,

Raymond and Janice Yoak

My husband, Raymond Yoak, had surgery at Lakeview Hospital earlier this year. He was a patient there for two full days. He has had several surgeries over the years as many people in their 60’s often do. Some of our stays have been very good and some of them have been very bad; but, none of them compare to the treatment we received at Lakeview Hospital. Our stay rated much more than 10.

In these busy days of life, we forget to tell people just what a great job they have done. I want to express to you what a wonderful experience we had at Lakeview Hospital. Both my husband and I were treated with great respect and care. The nursing care was amazing; they were so good to us and so thoughtful, considerate, and compassionate. The nurses at Lakeview Hospital are perfect examples of exactly what a nurse should be.

Lakeview Hospital serves the people and community extremely well. We constantly recommend your hospital. People ask us where they should go for knee replacement surgery and we always tell them how great Lakeview Hospital is. You took a difficult situation and made it pleasant. Once again, thank you for the great staff and the great stay. You were wonderful!

Thank you,

Raymond and Janice Yoak