My Lakeview Hospital Story

Dear Lakeview Wound and Hyperbaric Staff,

twins Melea and Kendra

As you well know, our family has been in and out of physicians’ offices and hospitals for quite some time. And, as we made the difficult decision to separate our twins, Melea and Kendra, we knew the recovery was going to be long and intense. When Kendra’s wounds from her surgery weren’t healing as fast as our physicians would have liked, hyperbaric medicine was recommended.

At first we were hesitant to try hyperbarics, but after we learned more about its benefits, we decided to proceed with this type of treatment. Your staff was absolutely wonderful! From the nurses to the medical director, everyone treated us so nice. They offered explanation to Kendra about every part of her care. They made us feel like family—and that was important.

While we have finished with the hyperbaric and wound treatments, Kendra still remembers how much she liked going to the wound clinic. In fact, when we drive by the facility she even asks if we can go visit.

Thank you for the difference you made in our lives and for the treatment you provided to our daughter. Your commitment to caring for us made the recovery wonderful.

Thank you again,

Erin Herrin